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10 places to go for camping in gold coast

Car House | Gold Coast | 10 places to go for camping in gold coast
Nov 2018

10 places to go for camping in gold coast

Camping is a great way to get away from it all, enjoy nature and all on a small budget.  Whether you want some adventure or family time, camping can be the best solution. If you want a good place to camp, then let’s look at the top places on the Gold Coast.

Below we give 10 places to go for camping Gold Coast area.

  1. Binna Burra

For a      rainforest adventure, Binna Burra is the best place to go for camping. You can go for hikes or can laze around and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Most importantly, Binna Burra will offer you beautiful scenery.  Why not get a motorhome rental to enhance the experience?

  1. Springbrook National Park

The Settlement is the only camping spot in Springbrook National Park. No electricity and no Wi-Fi will surely make you embrace nature. You can go for trekking to the bush or the beautiful waterfalls as well. This camping spot can be your escape from the world.

  1. South Stradbroke Island

This part of the island is much less populated and wild than the North Stradbroke Island. Getting to North Stradbroke Island is an adventure itself., you can use a water taxi or private boat to reach there as it’s not accessible by car.

  1. Canungra

It’s a small rural town that is a little hot spot for the tourists. The banks of the Coomera River can be a good spot for camping, this spot offers fishing, swimming, canoeing and lots of other opportunities to have fun and relax!

  1. Bigriggen Park

It’s a park that will take you to the new level of remoteness and offer you better privacy than the beaches. You can choose between the powered and non-powered site, and best of all you can bring your pets along with you.

  1. Flanagan Reserve

There is no powered site here, only nature and peace. Totally free from the bustle and hustle of everyday life, Flangan Reserve is a great bush camping experience.

  1. Burleigh Beach

Camping by the sea, listening to the waves rolling is, nowhere beats Burleigh Beach. There are a few camping and tourist parks for camping. Take a campervan from Gold Coast area and stay the whole night beside the beach.

  1. Tallebudgera Creek

In the Tallebudgera Creek Tourist Park, you can bring your campervan, camp or stay in one of the villas. This is a great place to play in the water for young and old.

  1. The Green Mountains Camping Area

This camping area is in Lamington National Park. This camp featuring green and open sites. The camping area will help you delve into the walking track of Lamington and offers tons of adventure. Taking a campervan hire can making camping more fun here.

  1. North Stradbroke Island

The Stradbroke Island gives you the total gold coast beach camping experience.  Amity point Camping Area offers the highlights of many islands in one small camping area.

Here you go with 10 amazing places for camping on the Gold Coast. So, get a campervan and start your adventure today.

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