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Bookmark this page to keep up with the latest news and tips for motorhome hire and camping. Look out for our special event packages. For any enquiries get in touch with friendly Gold Coast team via our Contact Us page.

Anything we think of that will help you enjoy your holiday even more, or some friendly travel tips and advice, places to see, we’ll put it up here.

Car House | Gold Coast | Easy Camping Recipes for Your Road Trip
Jan 2019

Easy Camping Recipes for Your Road Trip

Whilst you might not be able to take all of life’s luxuries on holiday with you, when you hire a campervan from a motorhome rental you can take the kitchen sink. There’s nothing like a nice meal after a long day of playing on the beach, and we have a few tasty ideas that are guaranteed to make your mouth water. Here are a few easy to make camping recipes for your road trip- Fruit Salad This is one of the healthiest foods that you can have on a road trip. If you have any two types of fruits, then
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Car House | Gold Coast | Best RV parks in Gold Coast
Dec 2018

Best RV parks in Gold Coast

You’ve got your RV from a motorhome rental and you are ready to set out on adventure. Leave the world behind and look forward at what’s ahead. But wait! You can’t just park anywhere, so it might be safe to look up a few places that you can stop and park for the evening What are the best RV parks on Gold Coast? Ocean Beach Tourist Park It’s a small RV park close to Miami Beach that is right on the beachfront. Enjoy relaxing whilst you hear the relaxing sound of waves clashing on the beach at night. This is
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Car House | Gold Coast | 10 places to go for camping in gold coast
Nov 2018

10 places to go for camping in gold coast

Camping is a great way to get away from it all, enjoy nature and all on a small budget.  Whether you want some adventure or family time, camping can be the best solution. If you want a good place to camp, then let’s look at the top places on the Gold Coast. Below we give 10 places to go for camping Gold Coast area. Binna Burra For a      rainforest adventure, Binna Burra is the best place to go for camping. You can go for hikes or can laze around and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Most importantly, Binna Burra
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